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Operation Lift Rahim Can Cause Early Menopause

, Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus which removes all or part of the uterus. Researchers from Duke University reveals a young woman who underwent hysterectomy procedures doubled risk of premature menopause.

Hysterectomy is a common treatment for various diseases , such as tumors of the uterus and excessive bleeding . Most patients are very satisfied with the results of hysterectomy.

“But there are potential risks of surgery should be considered along with benefits,” said the researcher, Patricia G. Moorman, PhD, MSPH, professor in the Department of Community and Family Medicine at Duke University, as quoted from, on Wednesday (11/16/2011).

A total of 600,000 women in the United States have a hysterectomy every year, but long-term impact of this procedure has not been well documented.

The Duke team analyzed nearly 900 women aged 30 to 47 years in two hospitals, Duke University Hospital and Home Durham Regional Hospital. Researchers gave blood tests and questionnaires to the participants for five years.

Perempua A total of 465 people of whom are healthy women who did not undergo surgery, while 406 other women have had a hysterectomy to remove at least one ovary.

Maintaining the ovary (ovarian) while still allowing women a hysterectomy still produce sex hormones. But doctors have long known that early menopause may increase the risk of osteoporosis, the disease heart and other diseases.

While retaining the ovaries, the Duke team found that 14.8 percent of menopausal women in this study had a hysterectomy, compared with 8 percent of women who had never undergone surgery.

most high-risk postmenopausal women found that one ovaries removed along with her womb. But this risk remains higher in women who both ovaries are still maintained.

The researchers estimated the menopause occurs about two years earlier in women who underwent hysterectomy. Unfortunately, it is still not known what triggers the ovaries cease to function after a hysterectomy.

“The hypothesis, operations disrupt blood flow to the ovary thereby triggering early ovarian failure. There are other experts who speculate the cause is not operating, but the condition the underlying before the operation that caused it. Until now, these questions unanswered, “said Moorman.

Moorman hopes his team’s findings could be a consideration for women who will undergo a hysterectomy to explore other treatment options for disease given the possibility of early menopause.

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City of Long Life So Changed the City of Cancer

Shandong, China, A city in eastern Shandong province of China known as the ‘city of long life’ because many elderly residents of long-lived. But the city has now turned the nickname into the ‘city of cancer’.

The city can nicknamed ‘cancer city’ since many deaths from cancer occurred over the last 3 years in more than 30 villages. The victims who died was believed to have fallen ill from cancer after inhaling toxic compounds from chemicals illegally dumped by the industry.

“The incidence of cancer is several times higher than normal and has happened in some villages in Laizhou. Laizhou is the county town in Shandong province, “said a doctor in Yantai, a coastal city in Laizhou as reported from ShanghaiDaily on Wednesday (11/16/2011).

Residents claimed to have closed the eyes and nose with a wet towel when you sleep so as not to smell the chemical. “The smell of this powerful chemical has been inhaled for 8 years,” said one resident in the village of Haicangyi.

The smell of chemicals are claimed to have been caused, among others:
1. Eye irritation
2. Nasal irritation
3. Throat irritation, which can make the residents of choking at night

“The smell of chemicals are quite toxic, because the contaminated gas phenol, which is derived from waste agricultural chemicals. The smell of these chemicals has led to respiratory cancer, cancer blood, and liver cancer, “said an expert on environmental protection in Yantai newspaper.

Keyuan Factory Shandong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and Laizhou Tengfei Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., both located near the village of the accused has caused pollution. Both of these chemical plants are reported to have produced 2, 4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2, 4-D), but without a license or permit.

Compounds 2, 4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2, 4-D) is systemic herbicides or pesticides are commonly used to control leafy weeds. The most widely used herbicide in the world and become the third most common herbicides used in North America.

Herbicide is a synthetic auxin which is a plant hormone and is therefore often used in laboratories for the study of plants and as a supplement in plant cell culture media such as MS medium.

The Qu Jaingsheng and CEO of Shandong Keyuan has admitted it does produce pesticides but refused to take responsibility for the incidence of cancer that occurs in many villages.

“I have been in the chemical industry for over 30 years, but until now I am still very healthy. It is normal for a chemical factory illegally dumped the waste water and chemicals have caused the smell, just like the restaurant,” he said.

However, according to an employee of Shandong Keyuan unnamed, chemical plant that was never processed but direct chemical waste dumped in the nearby Gulf of Laizhou.

“The villagers said they had received 700 yuan (U.S. $ 110) for one year in compensation from the chemical plant, under the command of Tushan City government, “said the villagers.

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Sexual Abnormalities Most Irregular

, unusual sexual behavior experienced by some people who have a sexual disorder or paraphilia called. Some sexual practices even digolongan as sexual practices the most unnatural.

Paraphilia is a sexual feeling or behavior that may involve sexual partners that are not human, without permission or that involve suffering or torture by one or both partners.

Here are some unnatural sexual practices or sexual disorders that are categorized as the most insane, as reported by Huffingtonpost, on Wednesday (11/16/2011):

1. Having sex with animals
Not only bad for the psyche, the study found that the SWA (sex with animals) or sex with animals can increase the risk of penile cancer. A study of 492 men aged 18-80 years in rural Brazil found that 35 percent had sex with animals. Some have been diagnosed with penile cancer.

Sex with animals is generally done with horses, cows, pigs and chickens, and sometimes together other men. Minor injury to the penis is a risk factor for developing cancer of the penis.

Sex with animals is conducted in an intense and long term can cause injury to human penile tissue. Genital mucous membranes of animals have different characteristics from human genitals, and secretions of animals differ from human fluids. It could be animal tissue produces fluid that would be toxic to humans.

2. Making love with the vehicle engine (mechanophilia)
Mechanophilia is paraphilia (sexual deviations) involving sexual attraction to machines such as bicycles, motor vehicles, helicopters and airplanes.

This is true really happened to Mary Griffin, who eventually married his truck on Valentine’s Day. Ever since she married said that his sex life is extraordinary.

3. Passionate when vomiting (emetophilia)
Emetophilia refers to people who can enhance sexual arousal to regurgitate the food he ate already. People with this disorder will usually regurgitate food or watching people throw up, vomit in front of the couple or ask your partner before him vomiting before sexual intercourse. This practice is also known for its Roman shower.

4. Sex with dolls
A Canadian man named Richard Osbourne accused of making child pornography after the video himself having sex with Cabbage Patch dolls explicitly found in his home.

Puppet body is modified by allowing for penetration of the vagina and mouth. Sexual disorder that involves dolls, stuffed animals or people who dressed like a doll or animal called plushophilia.

5. Excited to see the foot
There are people who fetishism (abnormalities that use non-sexual objects, inanimate objects or parts of one’s body to gain sexual pleasure) on foot, but there are people who truly worship the feet.

The man who this disorder will usually go to a party to see the legs of a girl and do everything like sucking, kissing, licking or toenail polish.

6. Making love with ghosts
People with spectrophilia usually be interested in ghosts or spirits. Ghost fetishes can be aroused by the reflection or image in a mirror or by fantasizing about a scenario involving a sexual relationship between their own body or someone else, and spirit.

7. Making love with his nose
There are also people who make the nose as sexual objects or called nasophilia or nose partialism. People with this disorder usually makes the nose sex in lieu of the vagina and doing strange things in the nose, such as sucking, penetration, making pig snout or nose like Pinocchio.

8. Having sex with giant
There are some men who are interested in women who have a body bigger than him or called macrophilia.

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Nutrition Changes Required At Dusk Log Age

, As we get older, the body’s decreased physical and mental performance. Given the risks of various diseases health increased with age, nutritional intake should be more tightly regulated.

Calories and fat must be reduced and some of the essential nutrients the body needs such as calcium , vitamin B12, and vitamin D, should be reproduced. It would be better if a healthy diet starts since his youth.

“These recommendations are aimed at different stages of life and should be started at the age of 30. Why wait until too late?” says Helen Rasmussen, PhD, registered dietitian at the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston.

Here’s how and what the body needs when it began to enter old age as quoted from on Wednesday (16/11/2011):

style=”color:#0000ff;”> 1. Vitamin B12 /> Vitamin B12 is often overlooked, yet these substances needed to produce blood cells and improve brain works. Vitamin B12 is obtained in the body of the animal protein such as eggs or meat.

Vitamin B12 needs to be separated from the protein because it is easily dissolved. Vitamin B12 is not bound to the protein found in fortified cereals and supplements and more easily absorbed by the body. Since the age of 50 years, intake of vitamin B12 should be derived from this type of fortified foods.

Style=”color:#0000ff;”> 2. Eat more bananas /> blood pressure increases with age so that the risk of stroke and heart attack. For that, should reduce the consumption of sodium and potassium multiply. Many hypertension medications have a diuretic effect (urine discard launch) is good for lower levels of sodium and potassium in the body.

“The electrolyte is needed in a certain amount, but needed more potassium than sodium,” says Rasmussen . To meet the needs of potassium, eat fruits and vegetables. Banana is the best option, as well as broccoli and a baked potato with skin.

Style=”color:#0000ff;”> 3. Reduce calories /> “As people age, the body’s metabolic rate slows down, so your calorie intake should be adjusted. No need many calories to move,” Rasmussen said.

In general, people tend to slightly moves when getting older. Extra calories mean extra weight and increased risk of disease heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis.

Style=”color:#0000ff;”> 4. Replace Salt with Spices /> “The older, the decline in the amount of saliva and the sensitivity of the senses led to some less food is delicious. Do not try to improve the taste by adding salt. There are millions of spices that do not contain sodium that can be enjoyed, “Rasmussen said.

Try flavor and texture of new foods, avoid foods cooked too long so it was not reduced much. Add chili or other spices because it would make more drinking water or milk is good for the body.

Style=”color:#0000ff;”> 5. Drinking more water /> sensitivity decreased sense of taste may from time to time, causing the sensation of thirst. In addition, certain medications can make the body more susceptible to dehydration. That is, greater efforts are needed to ensure adequate intake of fluids.

Institute of Medicine recommends that women drink about 2.2 liters or 9 cups of water a day, and the men drank three liters or 13 cups a day. Limit consumption of coffee, tea, and alcohol. Caffeine and alcohol expedite the disposal of urine so that the risk of causing dehydration.

Style=”color:#0000ff;”> 6. Eat more calcium /> Calcium good for bone and is usually found in dairy products and other foods. Meskipin Thus, sometimes the elderly are not getting sufficient intake because of lactose intolerance tends to increase with age. Adults should get 1,000 milligrams of calcium intake per day. The numbers rose to 1,200 milligrams for women over 50 and men over 70 years.

If not enough calcium from food, supplements can help memnuhinya. Maximum intake of 2500 milligrams of calcium per day for adults or 2,000 milligrams per day for senior citizens over 50 years. More than that could be at risk of kidney stones and disease other.

Style=”color:#0000ff;”> 7. Add vitamin D /> Vitamin D the body needs to absorb and use calcium properly. Unfortunately, natural vitamins derived from the sun can be difficult to obtain depending on the time, place of residence, and what to eat.

“Vitamin D-fortified foods can be helpful but not sufficient,” said Rasmussen. Vitamin D is only soluble in fat. Adults should receive vitamin D intake of 600 international units per day and increase to be 800 after passing the age of 70 years. Maximum intake for adults is 4,000 international units per day. Intake of vitamin D should be obtained from supplements.

Style=”color:#0000ff;”> 8. Consumption of lutein for good vision /> To keep the cataract-related vision faded, began to increase the intake of lutein since middle age. According to some studies, nutrients associated with beta-carotene and vitamin A can help to counteract the decline in brain function.

Lutein can be obtained from foods such as green, leafy vegetables, spinach, broccoli, also from fruits such as grapes, oranges, and can also be obtained from the yolk.

style=”color:#0000ff;”> 9. Prioritizing fiber /> Overall, intake of fiber is the key to normal bowel function and may reduce the risk of inflammation of the digestive organs. In addition, fiber can lower cholesterol and combat rising blood sugar that occurs after eating. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds may meet this need.

Style=”color:#0000ff;”> 10. Limit saturated fat /> Avoiding foods rich in saturated fats along with the goal of maximizing nutrition and reduce caloric intake. Low-fat products is quite rich in nutrients such as protein and calcium without adding fat or calories as fat found in milk.

Most of the fat in the diet should be fat either elderly, ie polyunsaturated fats and monousaturated derived from foods such as soy and canola oil. This oil can also be a source of vitamin E and K are good.

Style=”color:#0000ff;”> 11. Reduce unhealthy carbs /> Limit foods high in sugar. This rule is very important for seniors who want to maintain healthy weight. Functioning pancreatic insulin pump should be rested and multiply healthy nutritional intake to compensate for each calorie consumed.

Refined carbohydrates like white bread generally lower levels of vitamins and fiber than grains. Choose healthy foods that contain carbohydrate foods such as fruit instead of cake.

Style=”color:#0000ff;”> 12. Smart in choosing supplements /> Food is the best source of nutrients, but it is difficult to get all the body needs such as the recommended amount. For parents, should kosnumsi calcium supplements, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. Do not get too much because it can be dangerous. Talk to your doctor about the proper dose of supplements.

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Indonesia’s Hospital can be equated with the United

Tangerang, Not a few people in Indonesia who prefer medical treatment abroad because of doubts about the ability of doctors and hospitals Indonesia. Whereas the cooperation with the Mayo Clinic, USA, Indonesia now has a hospital can be equated America.

2007 data shows there are about 340,000 people in Indonesia who went to Malaysia and 80,000 people went to Singapore.

“Indonesia has the largest population of the world’s No. 3, should the level of health is also good. But the dilemma for many people who seek treatment abroad. When in fact we did not lose, for example Eka Hospital now has the cooperation with the Mayo Clinic, U.S., then we can be aligned with the U.S., “explains Dr. Esther Nurima, MARS, Director of Corporate Eka Hospital, in a media gathering ‘Hand in Hand for Healthier’ at Eka Hospital, , Tuesday (11/15/2011).

As of July 2011, for the first time the Mayo Clinic are here to serve patients in Indonesia. The experts of the largest private hospitals in the United States this does not come directly, but will serve from a distance with technology Electronic Medical Consult (e-MC).

Consultation distance is not limited to correspondence course, but with a video teleconference technology of patients in Indonesia can meet directly (real time) with the experts at the Mayo Clinic. The patient’s medical data can also be accessed simultaneously by both parties. E-MC has been able to complete the development Center of Excellence to disease cardiovascular.

“The presence of E-MC brings many benefits to patients include access to more than 3,000 specialists in Eka Hospital and the Mayo Clinic, a comprehensive medical solutions, team collaboration expert doctors at Eka Hospital and the Mayo Clinic, as well as efficiency of time, effort, cost to get a second opinion without having to leave Indonesia, “explains Dr. Esther .

During 6 months of cooperation, there are approximately 2 to 3 patients per month who already use e-MC services, among others, for the cases of the disease cardiac and neurosurgery.

“Eka Hospital is not the first constitution in cooperation with the Mayo Clinic. e-MC from the viewpoint of the Mayo Clinic is to provide comfort to the patient not to go from place of origin, also to provide opportunities for colleagues to enhance the capabilities, because basically we provide is confirmation of a second opinion, while measures to keep doctors in the place of origin, “explains Thomas R Behrenbeck, MD, PhD, SCCP, a leading cardiologist from the Mayo Clinic’s Cardiovascular Division.

not free, certainly not all patients will be directed to utilize the e-MC. Only certain cases are very complex and not handled by doctors in Indonesia.

“Until now there is no patient who we send to the Mayo Clinic, only e-MC only via video conference. For e- MC cost about USD 9 million. In terms of nominal value is quite large, but when compared with medical treatment abroad, it may be much cheaper, “explains Dr. Muska Nataliansyah.

Mayo Clinic is the largest nonprofit healthcare organizations in the United States who has operated more than 100 years. This organization manages the largest private hospitals in the United States with operations in Rochester, Minnesota, Jacksonville, Fla., and Scottdale, Arizona.

Each year the hospital serves more than 1 million patients who come from about 140 countries in the whole world. The hospital is reinforced by more than 3,000 specialists, 150 of whom are subspesialis in cardiology.

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