‘Tailor Sate’ Bandungan Checks Mandatory HIV once a week

Semarang, In Bandungan tourist area, Central Java, there are two types of artisan satay, satay is true artisans who sell rabbit meat and ‘handyman satay’ are peddling body aka sex workers. Sate the second of these builders are mandatory HIV testing on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

“Tuesday it to ya-ya (sex workers), Thursday to PP (massage parlors) and PK (karaoke guide). There are officers which comes from the health center, “said Nanang Saptyanto, Head Bandungan when found in the media visit at the Village Hall Jetis, Bandungan, Tuesday (15/11/2011).

medical examination conducted by officers of the workers sex includes all types of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). If anything positive is detected, then the concerned will be accompanied and continue to be monitored in response to treatment.

Especially for sex workers infected with HIV, the health center will refer to the Hospital Ambarawa and usually will not operate again in Bandungan. Instead to limit its spread, HIV-infected sex workers will be quarantined for some time as he was given anti-retrovirals (ARVs).

Nanang estimates, sex workers are recorded in the tourist areas Bandungan number reached 175 people. In dealing with customers, sex workers aided by the PTL (Introduction to Guest Inn) and coordinated very closely by an elder named Mr. Jeglek.

Meanwhile, caretaker Information and Counseling Center for Adolescent Reproductive Health (PIK KRR) Bandungan, Sri Wahyuni ​​said HIV infection was rarely found in Bandungan. Sexually Transmitted Infections are most often found during a routine is a syphilis or gonorrhea or syphilis and gonorrhea.

“The risk of HIV transmission is high here (Bandungan), but I guess no higher than the city of Semarang instead, “said Sri, who previously also worked at the health center and accompany Bandungan and check the health of sex workers.

Various Terms Starting Up Junior PK Sate

In Bandungan, there are various kinds to refer to sex workers. Epithet Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) and especially women prostitutes (WTS) today began to be abandoned as it seemed a bit harsh and degrading women, and had already negative stigma attached to.

When the various regulatory areas ranging restrict the motion, the sex workers in Bandungan start operating covertly to dub himself as a wizard Karaoke (PK) or a massage parlor employee (PP). In essence remains the same, or selling commodities remain the main body although there is also a small part that is only selling traditional massage services.

For those who do not have a stock massaging skills and the opportunity to work in a karaoke, his nickname can vary range but is famous in Bandungan Junior Sate. Just as carpenters rabbit satay, satay handyman who is also serving the ‘stab stab’ meat even though meat and objectives ‘penusukannya’ different.

So do not rush to say yes when visiting Bandungan then there’s that offer “Sate mas, anget. ” If the seller does not bring charcoal and fan to keep the embers still burning, then do not expect a rabbit satay dishes because she must have been peddling a sex worker.

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