Traditional Medicinal Plants For Extinction

, There are many known traditional medicinal plants are efficacious. But unfortunately some conditions lead to the existence of these medicinal plants are threatened with extinction. What are the causes?

“While there are several medicinal plants which almost endangered and should be protected,” said Head of Central Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine, in the event Yuniprapti Beautiful House press briefing Kemenkes, , Friday (21/10/2011).

Indonesia Indah said to be the main reason because of the transfer function of the land, especially in the forest as a result of illegal logging. This is because there are plants that need protection from a large tree.

Yet there are also some cause Another is:

  1. The transfer functions of forests into residential
  2. The existence

  3. disasters such as forest fires or floods
  4. existence of a very forced harvesting without replanting accompanied with
  5. The existence of global warming and also the ecosystem out of balance

Cause There are also other cultivated plants that are difficult or hard to be planted in other places (plants in situ),” said Indah.

Beautiful gives examples of some plants in Indonesia an almost endangered species such as plants purwaceng high demand but not planted again when these plants take a year to grow and other treatments. Plants and the earth peg the high demand and the plant is needed so that the roots are usually removed them all.

“It required a medicinal plant research and inventory to identify the active ingredient formula and finger printing that is not extinct,” said Head Applied Technology Center for Health and Clinical Epidemiology Kemenkes Siswanto dr.

Dr. Siswanto said the use of medicinal plants and traditional medicine will be much help in overcoming and preventing disease is not contagious and can be expected step further than other countries.

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