Combination Therapy Promising to Fight Cancer

Maryland, A variety of cancer therapies have been developed to find the most effective therapy for cancer patients. A new study suggests the drug can be attached to cancer cells. Then the drug is activated by exposure to certain light waves.

The study has been published in Nature Medicine . methods of treatment can only be targeted at cancer cells only and does not damage surrounding tissue.

A cancer foundation says that these treatment methods can be effectively used as a promising cancer treatment.

Currently, treatment for cancer can be divided into 3 categories, among others blasting with radiation, removal of the tumor or using drugs to kill cancer cells. All have side effects and the scientists are trying to find a more effective therapy and precise.

In this study, researchers from the National Cancer Institute, Maryland using an antibody targeted to proteins on the surface of cancer cells. Antibody is accompanied by chemical IR700, and activated with infrared light.

To test the combination of antibodies and chemicals, the researchers planted tumors and squamous cell carcinoma on the backs of mice. The mice were given the drug and given exposure to infrared light.

The results showed that tumor volume decreased or shrunk significantly compared with control group mice. The advantages of such treatment method is that it can selectively, and not harm the surrounding healthy tissue.

As reported by the BBCNewsHealth, on Wednesday (11.09.2011), the researchers say that the combination treatment which consist of therapeutic and diagnostic agents may hold promise for future cancer treatment. Although researchers have also observed toxicity when the study, but the results of this study still require a formal toxicity studies. “

Dr. Laura McCallum, from Cancer Research UK Science also said that the results of these studies are very promising for use as a treatment of cancer.

“The use of antibodies or photodynamic therapy to specifically target the cancer cells have been successfully to treat some types of cancer. So combining these two therapies would be effectively used as a treatment of cancer cells. However, because new research tested on mice, it is necessary to do clinical research to determine the effects of such treatment in humans, “said Dr. McCallum.

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Video Game Therapy Effective for ICU Patients

, Who does not love to play video games? In addition to entertaining, this game has long been known to help restore movement to stroke patients. But it turns out that not only benefits kesehatnya. New research from Johns Hopkins shows that this game can also be an effective physical therapy.

In a report published online in the Journal of Critical Care, the researchers studied the feasibility of using video games to complete physical therapy in Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The Johns Hopkins researchers identified 22 people who are critically ill adult patients for one year. Patients are invited to play video games as part of routine physical therapy. These patients are part of the 410 patients who received standard physical therapy in the ICU.

The patients in this study are mostly males aged 32 to 64 years. Generally, the patients were admitted to the ICU because of health problems such as respiratory failure, sepsis (inflammation throughout the body), and disease the heart and blood vessels.

All patients participated in 42 sessions of therapy using video game consoles Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit . All patients can complete this activity for nearly half of the session 20 minutes and directly supervised by a physical therapist.

Video games are the most commonly played is boxing, bowling, and use the balance board. Selection of this game is aimed at improving stamina and balance patients.

“Patients who are treated in medical intensive care unit is very sick and although it has received physical therapy, they still have problems with muscles, balance and coordination tubhnya to be recover, “said Michelle E Kho, PT, PhD, assistant professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins who led the research.

” We are always looking for creative ways to improve the care of critically ill patient rehabilitation, and Our research shows that interactive video games can help, “he added as reported , Tuesday (08/11/2011).

video game therapy is ideal in the short duration and very cheap compared to medical equipment in the ICU. When added to regular physical therapy, video games can increase the interest of patients to follow treatment and be motivated to do the therapy again.

“Our study has limitations because patients are not randomly selected, the video game sessions that are rarely performed , and the small number of patients. The next step is to learn what the best benefits of physical therapy from a video game, “said Kho.

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Shock Therapy for Kidney Stones Impotence Treat Patients

, Shocking penis with sound waves can help patients with severe erectile dysfunction (impotence) that do not respond to usual drug treatment. In fact, shock treatment using extracorporeal shock wave is usually used to break up kidney stones.

Low-intensity sound waves have been known to increase blood flow to the heart by stimulating blood vessel growth. The researchers suspect that these waves may increase blood flow to the penis.

In one study, participants were given extracorporeal shock therapy in a much less intense than in the treatment of kidney stones. The average age of men in this study was 61 years old. Participants underwent 12 shock treatments for nine weeks. One month after the last treatment, the participants started taking the erectile dysfunction drug.

The results showed that the patients continue to experience improvement up to 2 months after treatment is stopped and nearly 30 percent of them regain their sexual function without the need to use drugs drugs. This therapy is still considered safe because of men reporting no pain or other disorders during treatment.

In an article published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine October 18, 2011, investigators reported that 8 men can achieve normal sexual function. On average, patients begin to see benefits after three weeks of treatment.

“For many men, this means the difference between being able and unable to penetrate into the vagina,” said researcher Ilan Gruenwald, unit director of neuro- urology at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel as quoted by LiveScience , on Tuesday (2/11/2011)

These findings suggest that therapeutic sound waves can be used to treat patients with erectile dysfunction who do not respond to conventional therapy. Nevertheless, this research is still considered small because it only involved 29 men and the result could have been caused due to a placebo effect.

The researchers suggest to conduct further studies to validate these findings. Some experts still doubt this method and its application in a real medical treatment.

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‘Orgasm Teachers’ Unique Massage Therapy for Women Gender

London, Unique Therapy ‘orgasms teachers’ claims can help overcome sexual problems in women, such as the victim of abuse, psychological problems and women with low libido to be able to reach orgasm.

By paying 100 pounds (about USD 1.4 million), sex therapist Mike Lousada claim could make women with sexual problems such as libido (sexual desire) is low, have experienced abuse and psychological problems achieving sexual pleasure.

According to him, sexual pleasure is one of the body’s natural rights that should be shared by women with sexual problems. Therapy ‘orgasm guru’ is done by the method of conversation, meditation and sensual massage.

If the patient agreed, this therapy can be done by massage yoni (Sanskrit for calling a woman’s genitals). This may sound strange and even unfair, but Lousada confirmed that he was not a sex worker.

“I’m not a gigolo. I am a therapist, people who work with sexuality in the body,” says sex therapist Mike Lousada, as quoted , Thursday (10/06/2011).

Lousada claim refers to many traditions. He had been trained in alternative practices such as body psychotherapy, sexual healing and bio-energetics, as well as learning to become a qualified psychosynthesis counselor.

“I work with women who have problems with sex and intimacy. They who have experienced sexual abuse or psychological problems, or a successful businessman who just wants to get more contact with their femininity, “said Lousada.

Lousada works in four stages. The first is to understand the emotional and psychological blocks. “This is the cognitive part of my job. I help women understand their primal fears,” he said.

The second stage is called ‘physical release therapy’, which works with certain muscles, tension, pressure point and lymphatic system to release emotions and memories stored in the body.

Stages three and four are how the body works and is not the same for everyone. The third stage is a sensual awakening.

“For many women who experience sexual trauma is a new experience. Touching different parts of the body will trigger a reaction, so we explore how they feel,” he explained.

sexual Resurrection is the final stage. According to him, some patients present with pre-orgasmic and then he would offer a therapeutic aid orgasm.

“I do inter-vaginal massage. As the body, the muscles of the vagina may also experience tension, stress and save memory, particularly traumatic memory. While I do work with one hand, I will massage the head and their hair so they feel safe and know I’m not just focused on the yoni, “he said.

Mike Lousada is part of the Independent Practitioners Network (IPN) which requires members to adhere to good practice framework, which is arranged in groups of Ethical Statement.

Now Lousada want to bring this unique treatment to the NHS (National Health Service) UK. He was waiting for the follow-up idea. NHS psychosexual which is now the basis of cognitive therapy with home exercise.

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Laughter Therapy senile People Need To Not Fussy

, behavioral disorders that often accompany the dementia or dementia is restless and likes to get angry. In addition to antipsychotic medication, this disorder can also be overcome with laughter therapy is its effectiveness at 20 percent.

The benefits of laughter therapy for various health problems has been widely studied. But this time, researchers from University of New South Wales again proved its benefits for sufferers of senile dementia or to relieve feelings of restlessness.

During this time, senile people are fussy because they feel uneasy and more irritable treated with antipsychotic drugs. But since it works directly on the central nervous sisitem, it is feared could trigger the long-term effects and addiction sampiang.

In an experiment, the research team by Lee Fay Low dimpimpin trying to find an alternative to antipsychotic drugs such . This experiment involved 400 elderly people aged over 65 years of 36 nursing homes were diagnosed with dementia.

During certain periods, participants routinely involved in laughter therapy guided by Jean Paul Bell. The name was quite famous in Britain, with the nickname ‘clown doctor’ or the clown doctors often give laughter therapy in children.

For comparison, 200 elderly in nursing homes that also suffer from dementia are not given the therapy laughter. At the end of the study, the level of anxiety of participants who received laughter therapy observed 20 percent lower than the comparison group.

“The figure of 20 percent is not too large. But the figure for it, too, who would be obtained by administering antipsychotic drugs , “said Lee Fay as quoted from Dailymail , on Friday (09/30/2011).

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